Most basic way to embed a Youtube video

I am doing a project for class and have absolutely no experience with Pinegrow. In order to get the bonus point, I have to embed a Youtube video onto my website page in a way that allows the visitors to watch the video without leaving the site. Can someone let me know how I do this? Or point me in the direction of a tutorial?

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if you follow the instructions on youtube and copy the code to embed, all you need to do in PG is paste it into the INSERT CODE window… then you can drag and drop it like anything else from the library panel


what instructions on youtube?

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on the Share button…

several social media sites are listed, the first one is the embed link… copy that and paste.

tayfun is going to be very disappointed in you

I am having an error that cannot upload videos to youtube, after updating kinemaster pro app at techbigs I was unable to post 4k videos published from this app.

Hi @Caseybarber,
I’m not familiar with kinemaster pro. What format does it output? What type of page are you trying to add your video onto?