Youtubes videos 2 clicks to play?

Should I try taking the circles and arrows off the youtube videos in It takes 2 clicks to play a video.
I’m concerned removing circles and arrows will break something as I’m not js savvy.

I wouldn’t mind, it’s due to that script you use. But you can also embed Youtube without all that stuff:

Thanks for the article.
I did a lot of work trying to find a responsive option that would work with css grid. Fast Embed was the only one I found. Even then I had to adjust the circles/arrows with media queries.

I looked at some of the plugins in the article. They turned out to be for WP.

Plugins to Quickly Embed Your YouTube Videos

The methods mentioned earlier are easy and quick. However, you can use YouTube embed plugins to add a lot of extra features to your website. Here are some YouTube Embed Plugins you can try:-

YouTube by EmbedPlus
Feed Them Social
YouTube Gallery
WP YouTube Lyte

Now if you want our opinion on which one will be the best for you to add or embed Youtube videos on your website, then we will suggest you go with the WP YouTube Lyte. It allows you to modify how the player plays and looks. You can even LazyLoad your videos with the help of it. Moreover, it has been tested for maximum Cross-Browser Compatibility. Some other features of WP YouTube Lyte are,

High Responsive Embeds
Force HD
Efficient Rendering

Some features you’ll get from the embed plugins:

Plugins will help you improve the privacy options for embedded videos on your website.
You can generate an elegant gallery for your videos with plugins like YouTube Gallery.
You can lazy load all of the embedded videos from YouTube with the help of WP YouTube Lyte.
You can control the visual settings to adjust the videos colour, size and other features.
You will get the option to create animation and hover effects in the videos.
YouTube Gallery Plugin is great for creating beautiful galleries.
YotuWP plugin is best for creating a mix of gallery layouts.
Feed Them Social is best for pulling out videos from different social networks.

The best way to find something is on (search for video player) like this one:
or else

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Github does have js video players. Didn’t see examples though.
I started JavaScript Programming - Full Course - YouTube. The guy is funny and does projects.

The examples are in the Github account I gave you in my previous post like this one and extensive documented on the same page with all steps in detail:
Video Player Example

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