Multilingual site

I’m looking into making a multilingual site (2 languages initially) and wondering how Pinegrow would handle this?

Also …

There will be products and it may be useful to have associated products appear when any given product is selected. How would Pinegrow handle that?

The second part of your question is not something pinegrow can do. You would need to either custom code that feature yourself or use something like wordpress with an ecommerce plugin of some sort. Pinegrow is mainly for creating the front end and not any back end features like that.

If you have not already been using Pinegrow, download the trial and see if it will be able to do the multi-lingual aspects you are wanting.

What I mean there is that Pinegrow will display what you want but you have to tell it what that is, it won’t be able to do any processing of it’s own. You will need to use something in php, javascript or some other language that can do the processing aspect and then output that into a format that can be displayed.

Hello, maybe a relational database or MySQL or PHP …