My Pluton Theme

I’m not sure if anyone is aware of this website - they provide some excellent resources, all free to use for personal/commercial use.

One of their html/bootstrap templates is the Pluton Theme

Now, just for fun, just to experiment and use the Animator Pro Plug-in, I wanted to create a light version of the theme using the bootstrap starter kit/some adjustments of my own/css shapes, not as heavy as the original graphberry Pluton theme.

Anyway, here is my attempt

Also nice to add another thread to the animator pro plug-in section :smile:


A few tweaks to make the points a little better.

remove left and right padding on the container
if you need the padding on the container then add additional class

.container .triangledown23, .container.triup1 {padding:0;}

anyway, just some thoughts.

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Thanks Housler.

I’m still learning about css.

My next attempt will involve css shapes & wrapping text around shapes (for articles).

By the way, the “funky” shapes rather then regular triangles were intentional! (forgot to update css names as original plan was to use triangles) - May not be to everyones tastes, although I think that effect works best for the footer area.