Need Help with VIEWING a PG tutorial - SOLVED

I’m trying to get the Summer Nights tutorial to NOT be fuzzy and unfocused.

This isn’t directly a Pinegrow issue, more a problem with Youtube and my Mac, and me not knowing how to fix it.

I’ve been plowing (and replowing) through the Summer Nights CSS Grid tutorial and I have this silly problem. The videos are FUZZY. Out of focus.

Wasn’t always that way. When I first started on Lesson One, yes it was fuzzy. But by Lesson Two it somehow got fixed. Became clear. And when I went back to lesson One, well, now that one wasn’t fuzzy anymore. Hmm, ok. That’s weird. And they stayed clean and clear, up through Lesson Eight.

But yesterday I picked back up into Lesson Nine, and now it’s fuzzy again. And I can’t seem to get it unfuzzy.

Is this a resource issue with my Mac (10.14.6 MacOSMojave), like me running too many apps at once? I quit a few of them, but so far that hasn’t fixed it. Most likely, this is just me being dumb about Youtube.

Any ideas? Please. Thank you.

This sounds to me that the “fuzziness” is because of viewing it in a low(er) quality/resolution. You can change this manually by clicking the settings icon (cogwheel) and select another (higher) quality/resolution 1080p HD.

(Note: image is from the web, and not from an actual PG video. Just to show you where to change this).

Hi,it sounds like your internet speed or system resources…The browser will initially download data and attempt to render it As best it can, then, as the video data is downloading and playing the lagging data catches up u til the video can run smooth and get its data fed Just in time, or ahead. And the quality catches up.

So that could be your connection , load on the server, your computers free RAM memory available to the browser (lots of other processes running leaving it struggling to cope with demands), in order to give it more Space to render the data.

Check your connection speed, use a free utility to Free up RAM on your OS, try a different browser and finally like me you could just also have old hardware which struggles to render at speed and if you DO the previous posters suggestion of I creasing data quality- that will mean MORE data throughout for your browser to render-and so if its some of the problems Iisted it will actually,. make things worse!

So you would actually do the opposite and REDUCE video quality.

Welcome to my world of trying g to run with big new PC dogs with my aging Hound hardware. I experience your issues quite often

Thanks @Marf and @schpengle. Appreciate the help. I can finish the tuts now.

Changing settings to 1080p fixed the fuzziness for full-screen. (23"monitor on a MacMini, 8gigs ram)
Setting them to 720p was just fine in NON-full-screen mode (in both browsers).
480p (original setting - default, I guess) made them fuzzy.
(Same results in both Safari and Chrome.)

Only remaining question: WHY, previously, did they first not-work / then work / then not-work again, when I DID NOT TOUCH the settings at all. Computer mysteries, I guess.

there is a big difference between AUTO 1080p and actual 1080p. when on auto in the settings, if your internet slows in a certain moment, the resolutions automatically goes down and you get the fuzzy picture, but if you choose actual 1080. it will remain full HD even if the internet slows down.

Great to see that you are following the PG tutorials and spent time learning Pinegrow (and new web techniques). I hope it helps you to get a better understanding of things, and improve your skills and knowledge!

<h1>Hello world</h1>

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Hee hee. hee… and probably some more characters, just for good measure.

Ok, so that explains it.
Thanks for the answer!

Thanks again @Marf
Appreciate your help.

And I’m learning like mad, it’s just such a huge mountain to climb.
(Or, as I’ve heard it said: “I’m busier than a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest!”)
But I’m gettin’ there!