New at WordPress and need help

I’ve installed Wordpress on my localhost website RjRwebz in a folder named “blog” and have successfully linked to the blog/index.php page via the “Blog” menu item in the navbar. The blog link works perfectly on localhost:

but not on my public server:

Somehow, the database is not found. Anyone know how I can fix this?
I’ll provide more info, if needed.

Hi @randyrie,
Hmmm, tough one to diagnose from afar. So, on your site the link takes me to your 404, but using the on page links, I can navigate to both the “How did we do?” blog page and your archive page. Not quite sure how you have set this all up, but my guess is that your ‘blog.php’ template is somehow not set-up quite correctly for the first hit.
The “” link works. It seems like the base blog page needs to be passed something to query the database with. Maybe post the code for the blog.php page?

Thanks @RobM for your response.
I opted out of WordPress… it’s simply too complex for what I wanted. I’ve installed the simple FluxBB forum kit which is much closer to what I wanted. Check it out: (hit the “Forum” button in the navbar). Try it out - - I’d like to hear back what you all think - - leave a couple of comments and let me know if its easy to navigate through the registration and commenting.

Hi Randyrie: Left a test message on your rjrwebz forum, as you requested. All seems to work quite well. I like this FluxBB. I’m interested in using it on a future project. Was it easy to set up?

Thanks for that @SilverT – shows up and I sent you a reply via email from the BB. Let me know if you get it (so I know it works)?

re: Your second question:
Yes it was - the install worked very well. The only caveat for me was that I first set it up on my localhost then FTP’d it to my public server which broke the forum. I should have downloaded the virgin FluxBB files first to the server and then run the install directly on the server (which worked nicely).

Nice clean look. If it serves the purpose, than that is most important!

Yes, got your email. The BB software worked great, and was easy to use. (That’s what I like about it - clean and simple.)