New page cannot be opened

after today’s update, it is impossible to open the New Page whether through the drop-down menu or icon, in no case does the page open, Solve this problem immediately

WIN 64 8.1 Pro

According to our tests, Open page works fine on macOS Catalina & Big Sur, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.

I fear a compatibility issue with your version of Windows…

How is work before latest update

We have introduced changes on this part in order to host new features and it’s probably related.
Imho, because we don’t test with your version of Windows, we did not faced the situation.

Can you please contact the support with all the technical details and we will investigate the situation and check if we can fix it in the next update?


precisely, it does not work Neither open new page, nor with CTRL + N and all shortcuts are shown for MAC, which is not a problem, although they should be for PC. There is simply no open function, at the same time you know everything else works, type, open project, web, and others. Only this one doesn’t work

In the mean time, of course, I advise you to keep using the previous version for the moment.