"Create new poject" and "Open URL" are missing when i first start Pinegrow 5.7

Hi all,
i just installed PG and activated a trial before purchase.
I bumped in two errors or missing features.

  1. When i first start the program, i only have 2 choices “Open file” and “Open project”, from the tutorials i’ve seen that there should be also “Create new project” and “Open URL”.
  2. if i start using “Open project” i cannot edit anything because it says that the page is locked and cannot be edited. I can’t find any action/option to unlock it.

Because i like the software i’d like to try fully before buying. I’d use it mainly for converting html to WP themes. Can anyone please help?

Note: My PC specs are: Windows 10 PRO 64bit, AMD FX 8350 8 core, RAM 32gb, Nvidia GTX 770, UHD Benq Monitor.

Are there more options under the file menu other than these two options?

I’m currently working on the trial PG/WP version, and I have more options than what your screenshot shows.

I do see the option for Support, I would go that route.

Thanks for replying, no as you can see nothing related to same functions “+New” or “URL”.

This afternoon, just for trying i did set up a VM with ubuntu, same trial key and the missing functions in windows are available for the linux version.
i will ask support indeed.