V5.97 Can't open project in new window

I have just updated to V5.97 . When I click on ‘open project in new window’ and select an html folder I just get a window with nothing in it that says untitled.

So there is a bug that prevents me from opening two projects at once (I use this feature all the time). So I closed Pinegrow and decided to open the other project as on its own. However I discovered a second bug. When I close Pinegrow and then open it again to get back the main menu and open a different folder, instead it automatically opens the same project again. I have to close and open several times before I get back to the main menu.

macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Thanks for your feedback.
We are currently investigating the situation.

same here on win7 so i decided to reinstall 5.96 and now PG won’t open, it said something about

“profile is for a newer version”

and now clicking on the .exe does nothing.

what do i need to do now?

@droidgoo Please, thank you to contact us through the support for this one.

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i fixed it on my own, but not without effort

scrubbed system for pingrow remnants
reinstalled 5.96
reconfigured settings
re-created my workspace

open in separate window works again… whew.

i will hold off upgrading until i hear this issue is resolved