New panel coming in Pinegrow Editor?

Today I noticed an official Pinegrow post (on Twitter and Facebook) from a few days ago, about embedding audio and video. Nice but nothing really special there (what I didn’t know already).

BUT what drawn my attention was a new mysterious “Panel Icon” in the attached screenshot (Pinegrow Editor). Is this a “little sneaky teaser” for what is coming, it looks like we are going to get a new panel!


How exciting, what is it… always nice to speculate !!!

I did not recognize the icon, is it something familiar or is commonly used for something specific. What could it be…?? I don’t know, I’m guessing (a wild guess) it’s maybe for “animation”. The icon could symbolize motion and/or movement what could indicate animation.

The Twitter/Facebook post is about embedding audio and video, what in the past (before HTML5) was done with Flash. Which was also be used for animations! Did they mentioning Flash on purpose as a hint…

Our friend @MhdAljuboori (Pinegrow developer and creator of AnimatorPro Plugin) mentioned earlier (see his quote above from Nov 29, 2018) that he is working on a “new and improved” Animation Plugin. Maybe it’s now finished and are going to be bundled with Pinegrow. That would be really cool and a great addition. Hopefully we will find out soon with the next Pinegrow update!

Sorry @matjaz if I discovered and ruined this surprise (if I’m right with my guess)!

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Sharp eyes @Marf :slight_smile:

Can’t say more at the moment, except that you’re on the right track with your guess. Hopefully we will be able to share more soon.


Good Morning. what a crazy time of the day to be up Mr Matjaz :).
Interesting! I think we are due an update release soonish too as there was that incorrect path bug in, I think, Master Pages, and there was a release due soon to address that.

And mmmm, since I dont use Facebook, or Twitter (I am a techie Luddite with regards social media it would appear) does this sort of info appear on any of our other sites? (There is little developer chat on this forum) As I have no idea how busy or active those outlets are, and have no interest in using/becoming addicted to them as a Social norm. Not for me sorry.

Could those sorts of social media posts have their own channel on this forum, where the content is also posted here?

That would be nice.

But back to the topic, well seen @Marf and super duper to @matjaz and the other devs, right down to the kids and dog :slight_smile:

ha! no addiction possible here… I trashed the trash exactly when Back to the Future went into the future in Louisiana, I believe.

Our last post on FB was to the minute, and we never looked back!

A big +1 for posting in this forum if possible. But I’ll live either way.

Even when they are little and subtle, we are digging these clues up eventually (by me or somebody). It’s fun to treasure hunt these things, hoping to find some “hidden messages” for upcoming features. :wink:

I didn’t expected and was not after a confirmation! But I like your response and what you are saying, it’s really fantastic news. :star_struck:

Pinegrow Editor is getting better and better and better each update, no reason (anymore) to not like it !!!

(This is a significant new feature, it would not surprise me if we are jumping a major version to v6, let’s wait and see).

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Sweet! This is great news!

ScrollMagic? GSAP? just wondering…

Is there a reason upcoming features must be kept secret? Is this a website builder or the script to the next Star Wars movie?

This feature involves licensing some third-party technology so we can’t say more until everything is finalized. And, the feature-set is still open. Don’t want to give wrong expectations by promising something we won’t be able to actually deliver.


Very competitive market out there, PG needs an integration of some sort of animation/interaction library IMO, this in order to be on the market of the less-coders that knows how to code and toward designers.
Excellent choice. Thanks

Looks like these “new things” are coming…
If this is what I think it is, indeed really exciting!

Yes Yes Yes, give us some ACTION and ENERGY and VIVACITY,
We want it, we need it, we are for sure gonna love it !!! :heart::evergreen_tree:

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I also noticed his previous tweet from a week ago, @Emmanuel retweeted a post from “GreenSock” about the release of GSAP 3.

Which seems to be a high-performance javascript animation library (which I didn’t know).

It’s very likely that this “Animation Library” is going to be used with the new upcoming features!
(I’m going to eat my “Green Socks”, if i’m wrong with this assumption… :plate_with_cutlery:)

I wonder if someone even notice them when i’m wearing my “Green Socks”,
they probably blend with my green feathers! :innocent: :grimacing: :wink:

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Wow, GSAP!! is the industry standard for high quality animation js library.
Serius stuff.