Newbie question: can you use a wordpress bought out theme in pinegrow

I am a small businessman. I wish to make my own website with Top menu/pages and sidebar/ side menu. e.g. Top will display Home, About, Contact us, Products
Once I click Products, side bar should appear with product list/ tree so that I can click a product to view picture and specs.

Can I use readymade wordpress themes in pinegrow?
Any other suggestions please.
Thanks in advance.

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are you a small businessman who want’s to learn how to code, or do you just want to run a website?

PG is going to be a steep learning curve and it sounds like you already know what you want the website to look like.

have you looked into the on-line website building options, like squarespace or wix?

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No not presently, see the Pinegrow Wordpress FAQ’s page.

you can’t edit, modify or transform an existing WordPress theme (made of PHP templates) with Pinegrow or Pinegrow Theme Converter.

I don’t want to learn coding. Drag and drop will be Ok for me.
I already have a domain name registered in my name. And, also own space on a web hosting server. I will prefer offline website building.
Wix etc won’t allow me control and flexibility and offline saving or upload to my webhosting.
Are there readymade themes available for pinegrow?
Can I use drag and drop and some formatting in pinegrow and make a full website from scratch without coding?
Or will wordpress with elementor or similar be easier?

Please have a read through the documentation and watch some videos to understand whats possible.

I’d stay far away from Wix (aka rent-a-site.) Trying to build your own e-commerce website without any coding knowledge (or desire to learn) is going to be a challenge, even with Pinegrow’s visual tools and tutorials. If you truly want a discreet level of control over your e-commerce site and don’t want to touch code, Woocommerce with Wordpress is pretty much your only option. MAYBE Magento. I’m not an expert on e-commerce TBH.

I do web development for a living, and I’ve only ever used Volusion for e-commerce (and I hate it) but if I were to get a new e-commerce client, I’d probably take a strong look at Shopify, Squarespace or Big Commerce before I’d try and DIY with Woocommerce and Pinegrow.