No Images In PG Snapshots from WP SItes -Then it all crashes

Hi there Team types, I’m trying to use use PG Snapshots again and I am having the same problem I had before in that it doesnt capture the images from sites.

Ie, Wordpress sites.

so when capturing

With PG Snapshots
Opening in Pinegrow WP
I get this

which, If I’m quick with the screen capture app, I get to see this

and then I can see its failing to download the images from the WP media library.

However, it WILL show the images in the saved snapshot if I open the saved project snapshot in a browser.

I then turned off the DONT save JS option.
tried it again.
No dice.

Shut Snapshots,
re opened… huh oh!

I have lost all the controls on the right hand side.
Take snapshot, etc and then

I just get multiple CTD (3) until it launched on the 4th time until but again, with no menu interface so can no longer use it.

I Deleted my saved project and now I have nothing.

so this is a fresh install on an UBER FRESH…


and NO!
it’s NOT stolen… oh the cheek of some people.

ive copied the crash report to send to Apple if youd like it in all its gobbledee Gooky grandeur.

I right clicked the PG Snapshots icon and Reloaded the app,
It again crashed,
But on the second

Ropen app, it fired back up again!

This seems like a bit of a pain.

So if I manually download the image myself, stick it in an images folder, link it in the PG WP interface
I can see it …

But I guess the *HOTLINK warning image is being applied by a class LATER in the CSS or somewhere and over riding my direct fudge.

SO I am now trying to find a way to display the images in the snapshot.

So some advice on this would be nice, thanks.

Also I suppose a Feature request.

  1. could Snapshots please capture the page content?
    I’m not sure if it is just meant to be online thing, but if you’re trying to edit image sizes etc when offline/limited connectivity/not developing a local site, then its not a lot of use as it is.

mmmm I see some lines about lazy loading etc… after the image in a src set …
so, any advice on how best to go about Snapshots and retaining page content please.