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Snapshots already part of web editor?

Ais pinegrow snapshots already part of webeditor?

Don’t think so. Pinegrow Snapshots is a little helper app to make a html snapshot of a browserpage.

mmm, yeah funny thing Is I often thought that if only Pinegrow Pro, could SAVE the page that it
view URL of…
It says doesnt save The JS and assets, etc, and recommends to save the page externally.
But, since it obviously HAS all those assets, in order to render the page in Pinegrow,
WHY cant it save the page, with all those assets?
Ive often wondered that.

Im also wondering what the difference/main benefits are of using it as opposed to say
Sitesucker for Mac, to download a site and localise all links, then view that in Pinegrow.

I really need to play with the snapshots app a lot more, as I love using site sucker, but my life has been overrun with sick horses as of late, and have had no time… Maybe I should just get Snapshots,
with its lifetime update deal as so far, the PG teams, updates have been pretty awesome.