Snapshots already part of web editor?

Ais pinegrow snapshots already part of webeditor?

Don’t think so. Pinegrow Snapshots is a little helper app to make a html snapshot of a browserpage.

mmm, yeah funny thing Is I often thought that if only Pinegrow Pro, could SAVE the page that it
view URL of…
It says doesnt save The JS and assets, etc, and recommends to save the page externally.
But, since it obviously HAS all those assets, in order to render the page in Pinegrow,
WHY cant it save the page, with all those assets?
Ive often wondered that.

Im also wondering what the difference/main benefits are of using it as opposed to say
Sitesucker for Mac, to download a site and localise all links, then view that in Pinegrow.

I really need to play with the snapshots app a lot more, as I love using site sucker, but my life has been overrun with sick horses as of late, and have had no time… Maybe I should just get Snapshots,
with its lifetime update deal as so far, the PG teams, updates have been pretty awesome.

Well… I haven’t really got to play with the Demo very much at all,
and, I am not too sure how it compares with using some of the other tools I would tinker with, to do this, as queried above. I have emailed and asked and written the above, but alas, no replies,

but…Ive just bought it anyway :slight_smile:
So now I can hopefully use it, as the PG devs play with it and tweak it for thier own ends and we get the improvements :slight_smile:

but… it would seem to make sense if the PG Pro version, had this functionality built in, when you SAVE a website, after opening the URL … since it obviously HAS access to all the assets to render in its page view, but it then… tells you it is not saving them! (images , js etc)

Ive never really understood that.
But happy to support the devs with this and play with it, see how it compares, with my usual workflow (ha! like I work efficiently… Grumbles!. )

…without the stress of worrying over missing the free lifetime updates Thing.
Unless this gets swallowed back into PG Pro, or … horror
turns into …
eek :wink:

…ah! happy and excited to play with this now :slight_smile: I am wondering where it will go as PG devs always add nice things. I first used Pinegrow web editor on I think 1.15, still have 1.27 installed to compare things with every so often, just so I can roll around the floor laughing and then scream at my Mac, when a zillion right click options are missing :slight_smile:

exciting times :slight_smile:

ain’t that the life… a one-click mouse.

Anywho, the boss said that SS and the internals of PG are totally different and he plans to keep it that way.

**I’m totally open to the “struggle - free” Life! :slight_smile: **