Offcanvas strange behavior / Bootstrap 5.2

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.
I am working with version 7. I was doing an identical job (except content) to one made with 6. I am going crazy. With 6 I had no problem. With 7 I have strange behaviors. I copy the offcanvas code from In the work I am doing I started with the problem that by clicking on the menu I did not go to the right section on the page (It never worked at the first click and many times after the second click). After going crazy reviewing, making changes, etc …, I have made an offcanvas navigation as simple as possible. At first it worked well, but suddenly it has begun to behave strangely: the click on the menu does lead me to the selected section, but when closing the offcanvas menu the page automatically jump to the top of the page (see attacher mp4 or on netlyfy).
Here you can see it:

(It seems that I can’t share the folder with the document made with Pinegrow)
I apologize for my long consultation.

It is going to be difficult for us to answer precisely to design issues.
If your menu worked with Pinegrow 6 and you haven’t made any changes with version 7, there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t work like it used to.

Do you use a revision manager? Is it possible to compare the previously working code with version 6 and the non-functioning code with version 7?

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It seems that what destroys my work is playing with this:

As soon as I touch them, weird things start to happen. And it’s been like that for a week. Vision 7.04 (Mac M1)

I don’t use version checker. I am an older man learning… :wink: I do have the folders with the two numbers: the autumn one (the one that works) and the winter one with which I am fighting now. I’m starting to do it from scratch to see how it goes. It is the third time, in the second everything seemed to be going well and suddenly the errors started again.
I understand that it is difficult to help individual cases like mine.
Thanks for the interest.
Joyeux Noël !

Avoiding the mentioned controls, I have started to include the classes manually, but as I go including content, columns and rows, etc., there also suddenly comes a moment that stops working: the columns and lines behave strangely and the navigation in browsers is again erratic All I do is include Bootstrap classes and content. I don’t touch the js at all.
It’s all very strange.

I have reinstalled version 7 several times. Now the UI fails me. View image.

This has been after trying to place a carousel and it has stayed that way.

And I have to use the refresh button a lot.
Captura de pantalla 2022-12-25 a las 14.27.06

Any errors in the console?

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This question is beyond my knowledge. I know some html and css. And I was in love with Pinegrow because he has helped me start doing things.

@Josan please follow the instructions from the video : Dropbox - inspect-console.mp4 - Simplify your life

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I was finally able to finish the job. I have avoided using COLUMNS bootstrap, I have centered the contents with flex, and what, above all, has made everything go well and the layout did not break has been deactivating Lazy loading in all the images. After this neither the layout broke nor the navigation from the offcanvas menu became inaccurate. All very mysterious…
Tomorrow I will follow your instructions.