Strange behaviors

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

I have made an offcanvas menu for page navigation in PW version 7.04. I have followed the same steps as with version 6. With version 6 it was perfect, now with version 7 the links do not lead to the id of the sections, they go anywhere on the page. I have changed the offcanvas to a dropdown button and the same error occurs.

Are those errors occurring or is it my fault?

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i think it would help us to help You if we could see your code, might be a small thing - i’m not an expert though.
Come on, show us Your project :- )

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Here you can see the extralo behavior:

When using the offcanvas menu. The first click fails, from the second everything seems to be better.
In the footer there is a button “Aurreko zenbakia” that allows you to go to “udazkeON - 2022”. The latter I did with version 6 and it works perfectly.

Hi Josan, I visited your website and it looks like everything is fine. The off-canvas menu appears when clicking on a link for the first and second time, and it goes to the anchor link as expected. When I inspected the page, there were no errors thrown in the console log. I wanted to share my experience with you and see if I missed your issue. Overall, the design is nice and clean. Well done

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Thanks for your support and comments.

In the video that I send you you can see the error to which I refer. The first ckick takes us to the middle of the page and not to the top, which would be correct.

Have you tried using other browsers? It looks like you’re using Safari - maybe it’s related to that?
I made the same exact test with “Argindar faktura” and was ok, i also hard reloaded the pade and delelted the cache - still ok, btw, there’s this property in CSS called scroll- [and then top left and so on] which you could check if somehow change the game - although it might not be related to your issue

Here’s the link to the MDN page


The same thing happens to me in Chrome and Firefox. Less noticeable in Firefox.

I will play with the property that you have indicated.
What surprises me is that the Autumn edition (udazkeON!) works perfectly.

Thanks for your kindness.