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Oh! Unpredictable CSS styling behaviour


Some guides to unplanned styling care of


Great Collection! Especially for newbies like me…Thanks for compiling…:+1:


This is a great article. Unfortunately, when it comes to CSS (and coding in general) everything I learn is a consequence of having to solve a problem for a job. Normal people actually learn CSS as a beginning to end process, maybe in a classroom, or through an online tutorial. I did it piecemeal, researching specific things as I needed to understand them. So while I understand the theory behind the “cascade” and classes, Id’s, etc, there is still much I find completely baffling because I’ve not needed to understand it. For example, things like pseudo classes… I kinda know what they are, but I haven’t needed to actually learn to write code with one (other than “hover”) as of yet.

Sometimes when I’m writing code, I feel like someone who broke into a chemist’s lab and is just grabbing bottles off the shelf and pouring them into each other to see what reacts with what, and how. Come to think of it, that’s what I did with the chemistry set I got as a kid for Christmas.