Online images are not refreshing in Pinegrow after change


Place a image on your server and link to that image in Pinegrow like: now change the image on the server and the previous image stays in the visual part of Pinegrow. Refresh page or reload project doesn’t help. I’m talking about editing a background image in a HTML email in Pinegrow. When I click on the eye and the browser opens I see the new image without any problem. The new image has the same name as the old image! So the HTML stays the same and I only upload the new image.

After a few back and forth with David, we have investigated this particular case in full depth, and indeed, in some situations, depending on the type of server cache engine and its settings - which are often imposed by the hosting providers and independent of the users’ will - possible cache side effect can be observed from Pinegrow page view while it’s not visible from the external browser view.

As this is a constraint related to Chromium, the rendering engine we use in Pinegrow, there are two possible workarounds.

1.Using the File > clear cache feature is sufficient in the majority of cases.

If this is not enough:

Right click on the application icon and select > Inspect


2.From Inspect > Network tab > check Disable Cache (this is only effective if the Devtools are open).

We will of course continue to monitor this situation and - if its possible - improve it in the coming months.

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Hi @Emmanuel, I have experienced this issue quite often…

  • Are you able to advise what exactly the “Clear Cache” does under the hood?

  • Does it just emulate the “Disable Cache” in devtools? I don’t think it is, as “clear” is different to “disable”. Or probably clear the “Cache storage” under Application tab in devtools?

  • Also, Is it necessary to restart Pinegrow after the “Clear Cache” action?

  • When we click “Clear Cache”, neither there is a notification (of successful cache clear action) nor there is a console message on the devtools… there is simply no notification, which leaves the user confused if at all the action worked.

Hi @Akayy the clear cache does two things:

  • Calls embeded browser’s ClearCache method which clears its internet resources cache
  • Releases any local copies of remote resources (scripts, images…)

So, it’s a one-time cleanup. Dev tools Disable Cache on the other hand prevents resources from being cached in the first place and ignores any cached resources.

Clear storage in Application tab clears the whole data, including browser local storage. Clear Cache doesn’t do that.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks ton for the clarification @matjaz :wink: