Pinegrow freezes when adding custom css or javascript in the code editor [Solved]

When i add custom css or javascript in pinegrow via the built in editor everything freezes and i get the popup with “Unsaved file modified outside of pinegrow”.

When the popup is triggered everything freezes and i can’t click the button reload or don’t reload.
I have to close pinegrow from taskmanager because everything is frozen.

Using the latest version of pinegrow and the latest version of windows 11.

@beatngu Thank you for your feedback,
Since it is a report on a problem that has never been reported before, could you please contact the tech. support with a video of the process that leads to Pinegrow’s blocking?

IMPORTANT: Please do not send a direct link to one of our email addresses from the sharing service but rather create a private SHARE LINK from Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer which you will then copy into your reply to us.

If possible, please do not set an expiration date on your file share. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to view your files immediately after you send them.

Made a video of pinegrow freezing and sent it to support.
Should be easy to replicate because i tested it with a new project and it happens every time so it is not a project based bug.

You see when i click the close button in pinegrow the screen goes darker and darker each time but no way to close pinegrow and only way is via task manager.

This is solved with the help of the awesome support by Emmanuel :slight_smile:
The problem was i am using the cloud to work on my projects so i can work from both my desktop and laptop on the same project without having to copy the files over each time.

For anyone getting the same problem as me , disable the Auto-reload files when changed outside of Pinegrow from the settings if you want to use a cloud based storage such as one drive, dropbox etc.


So, to clarify, for my part, I don’t have any particular problem with Dropbox, but some utilities are more invasive than others and the real time scanning of files can be a problem with the auto-reload feature of Pinegrow by causing a permanent status change of the files being modified :wink: