Onsite Search Engine

Can anyone suggest a third party search engine plugin for PineGrow? Or any other PHP search engine script I can employ on my sites? I’ve found several but can only implement them using an app like Dreamweaver - haven’t figured out how to use them within PineGrow’s environment since many require a database on the backend.

Hi @randyrie, have you thought about implementing
Google Search on your website ?

A La This?


(free version as ads - it didnt use too)

Yes. It is what I currently use but can you configure Google to only index your site and display ONLY your site search results? I believe Google used to permit this.

Maybe it’s fun and educational to build it yourself!

This is a video tutorial (6 hours), how to build a search engine/function and index/crawl the site/pages you want to index. (code examples and project files are included).

You can style and integrate it anyway you want, to match the style/design you want it to be.

Create a Google search engine clone from scratch | PHP MySQL

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@randyrie have a look at this info https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4513886?hl=en&ref_topic=4513742


There ya go @randyrie !
Looks like its time for you to…er…google…some of these answers! :slight_smile: hee hee.
And as you’ve noticed, there’s a pile of helpful people around too to help.
…well…a few stalwarts anyway.
So, well done and keep us posted on your site developement… talking of which,
what got you onto the Pacific Air fleet sort of topic of its content anyway?

Ok, cheerio

Followed your link @Rob and got a very nice Goggle search added to my site. A 1000 ‘thank-yous’ deposited into your tip bank!


@randyrie I’m delighted to hear you have a working search feature on your site, well done.

@randyrie Great job, well done !!! :+1: :trophy:

(Great help @Rob. Thanks for leading Randy in the right direction).

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