Site Search Tools

What are you guys using to add [SEARCH] to your sites?

Maybe overkill for just adding search but I use

You can also use couch for it’s ability to process forms, saves me messing me around with scripts.

I still use Google Custom Search since I also rely upon Adsense revenue.

I saw this the other day

On April 1, 2017, Google will discontinue sales of the Google Site Search. All new purchases and renewals must take place before this date. The product will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.:grinning:

I remember a time long ago when you had a choice of in-site search
engines, some of which allowed you to also included the results of other
specific sites. Most folded or were absorbed in the eye of Gauron.

Now I’ll need to revisit this again. Any personal preferences?

@Farscaper I’m sure someone will mention an alternative but keep this site bookmarked , its useful for reading when looking for alternatives or design/development solutions

Thanks but it appears they’ve closed the topic as being not within their
desired realm.

Here are a few other discussions on the topic. Since most free ones have
a 250 page limit I may need to figure out some more coding.

I’m tempted to try this free alternative.

I’m also thinking I could add other search sources overall or just have
unique choices of additional external sites using custom code on pages
with different topics.

ie. the ability to search relevant dog sites on my dog page but have cat
site searches on my cat page. Sure it might lead people away from you
site but you may have alliances or co-owned sites where this could be
mutually beneficial.

Then again, you might just want people to be able to find relevant info
without concern for personal benefit. Every scenario is different.

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