What can we help you with search function Pinegrow website


Lot to do lately because of all the heavy tension in the world, but back in office now!

Wonder if someone from Pinegrow staff can give some info about the search system on the Pinegrow website. The “What can we help you with” box that is used to search on the Pinegrow website. I’m looking at several options including Google and try to find out what the best approach is. Buzzy with a 500 pages toerist info in 4 languages that need search on the pages.

It’s going to be a static html website.



Hi @AllMediaLab,
I would have to check with Matjaz to be sure, but I think it is powered by the “Relevanssi” plugin (non-pro).

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Hi @RobM Bob,
Thanks for that! Looking for a static site solution, probably Google then or is there a other easy to implement solution?

Hi @AllMediaLab,
Well, one solution would be Scrappy and Amazon OpenSearch. Scrappy is a Python-based web scraper. OpenSearch is free, but it requires you to make an Amazon developer account. Some alternatives would be Typesense or Apache Solr. They are both open source. I think TypeSense is a little more straight-forward - maybe easier than OpenSearch.
Hope this helps,

Thank Bob! I’m going to dive in to it!