Override Bootstrap css classes in Pinegrow and WP Blocks

Hello there.
I am struggling to understand / implement the override of bootstrap css in Pinegrow. I followed the great tutorial from @RobM - Dynamic Blocks, (here) and I am a bit surprised that it seems it’s not possible to override Bootstrap’s css classes through native Wordpress blocks controls like color pickers?

In the video it’s appointed a solution involving a dropdown to select different colors which is not ideal at all for user experience.

  1. Does this problem persists and there are no other solutions?
  2. Is this problem limited to Bootstrap and can I use Tailwind instead to be able to use native controls to override blocks’s css classes?


@Jorge in these examples, BS color classes are just classes, not colors (from the perspective of the custom block). To show that as WP color pickers, a some kind of WP Block editor extension or custom control would be needed.

We have no plans to implement this at the moment.

We’ll keep an eye out if there will be a simple way to add that, perhaps as a part of FSE theme setup.

Using TW would not be any different.