PG for webSITE or just a web PAGE?

Car PG be used to create a website and not just a web page ?
So far I have found nothing about working on multiple pages that PG would maintain links between for example on a navbar.
Seems like a stupid question but I really can’t find any videos/tutorials that don’t just show a single page.


yes, the PRO version supports multiple pages with master page featurs and component libraries.

the feature set for that is pretty robust, and was one of the major factors in my decision to purchase.

i miss having the page organization tool that i had in netobjectfusion or firstpage, but then PG doesn’t clutter up your webiste with proprietary non-sense.

it gives you bootstrap instead :wink:

Sounds good. Would still have been nice to see tutorials and videos showing it in action ! (Hint for someone to make one)

(Hint, the newer documentation is somewhat lacking -ALWAYS check out the older docs for …older versions.
they may be out of date/interfaces not be the same, not work the same BUT it gets you on the correct path to hunt down what you want.)


the PRO versions has Projects
GO here

or you could check out Multiple Pages

as for Videos… you could check out

and with regards your actual request…I couldn’t find precise vids without sitting her looking for it myself.
This has taken long enough, so let me know what YOU find :smiley: