PG4.1 BUG: Changes to masterpage not applied to child pages

Hi. I’ve spent weeks trying to understand PineGrow Pro (pinegrow 4.1 on Windows 10) masterpages are supposed to work. The tutorials are insufficient. After spending HOURS today, I got inconsistent results: sometimes the child page would show the changes made in the masterpage but mainly not.
Here’s how I replicate the bug:
Create my page
Set is as master
Create a new page
Set it to use the master
Switch to the master page
Edit some HTML code (in my case some inline CSS style)
Save master page
Update all components
Close the project
Clear the cache
Open the project
Reload the project
Shout at my computer!
Open the child page - NONE of my changes appear.

Anyone else getting this bug?

Here is a (very) quick demo where I change the background color of the master page with an inline style then I spread the changes to the other pages using the master page.

As already answered through the support, can you please confirm that - at least - this process is ok on your side?

could it have any relation to this, on this forum?

26 days ago from @ganr8790 ?

He notes that even though, master page is saved, new files created, then UPDATING master page isn’t enough.
he STILL has to save all the sibling pages for the changes to take effect.

This is the exact same scenario described in this post, in that Error Replication Process,
the Separate, individual pages are NOT saved , only update components is Used.

it seems to be that the SAVE ALL is being ommited from the process.

Probably because it is EXPECTED that update components would achieve this.
but, It doesn’t.

and probably shouldnt.
or, should it?


I’ve followed the video as best I could, but the resolution makes it impossible for me to read correctly.
maybe this is/should be added to the docs then? if it isn’t already , wrt Master page useage?

Thanks for your help Sherlock :slight_smile: (grin grin)
After a discussion with the support, we found that @zx3 issue is “a bit more” complicated than just a process failure and investigations are currently in progress on our side.

Ah, most Exciting!
So, you now have some fun stuff to start your new year with!

I’ve simplified my code back to basics: started with your Bootstrap 4 “starter template”, replaced the custom CSS with mine, added my logo and amended NAV links, and swapped local Bootstrap CSS with CDN version (also replaced JQ + BS local js with CDN versions)
Would that be fair to describe as “simple” rather than “complicated”?

Here’s my new simple code:
…and here’s a video of the same symptoms (new child page not being updated):

Is there anyone here that I can pay (a reasonable price) to examine this and teach me what I doing wrong? I really would like to be able to use the masterpage | child feature!

investigations are currently in progress on our side

@zx3 found the problem and fixed it, will be out in the next update.

For now, as a workaround:

  • remove empty “href” attribute on the a#langSwitcher element
  • remove integrity attribute on bootstrap.min.css
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I am very impressed by your tenacious spirit! To quickly identify the cause of the problem, and supply a solution, is amazing. 5 stars :slight_smile:

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