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Pinegrow 5.4 - The Power of the Right-Click, WordPress & Spring Sale


Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here.

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.4 is available for download.

It comes with powerful usability improvements:

  • Redesigned element context menu lets you insert new elements to the page, select element’s parents and children, paste any item from the clipboard and more.
  • Copy & Paste actions (Master pages, Components, WordPress actions…) between elements.
  • Build-in SASS compiler now correctly handles complex SASS structures with multiple imported files sharing same names.

Plus, we have a bunch of new WordPress Theme Builder features:

  • Post & Loop action can now leave the article element’s id attribute unchanged, and display only a range of returned loop items.
  • Smart Menu action got smarter. It uses your HTML markup for displaying menu items and figures out which class is used to mark the current item.
  • Customizer Section field id can now be used as a prefix for enclosed Customizer fields. That makes work with customizer fields much easier and even makes it possible to create reusable components with Customizer sections and fields .
  • and more…

Take a look at the Release guide for details and examples.

Pinegrow 5.4 is a free update if your license is still valid for free updates.

Want to renew or upgrade your license?

We’re running a quick Spring sale with 25% discount on all Pinegrow license renewals and upgrades .

License renewals let you receive free updates for 1 more year. You can add extra years to your license, even if it is still active. In that case extra year(s) are added on top of the current validity. See the renewals price list.

Have a great day,
Matjaz & the Pinegrow Team

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