Pinegrow and Google Analytics

I have recently noticed some odd statistics showing in my Google Analytics, for instance very long Session Durations on new sites. On drilling down I found that these were emanating from my own Mac, which seemed odd. After some experimenting I found that if I opened a project in Pinegrow to which a page had Google Analytics code, viewed it in my browser, closed the browser tab the page continues to registered as an active user in Google Analytics. This seems to be related to having Javascript enabled as switching it on and off seems to stop the issue. Wondered if anyone else experienced this?

Hi @atilla , That’s a good catch to find this. It actually does make sense. Scripts on a page don’t care about the hosting environment being local or anything like that. If they are connected to the internet running in a supported browser (Pinegrow in this case) –they will execute. It’s important because measurement happens on all sorts of devices from kiosks, to washing machines to websites and of course apps.

It’s best practice to filter internal traffic in GA so that you aren’t skewing your data.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for response, great.

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