Unusuall Apperance

I use win 10 Pinegrow Pro WP latest Version
It startet with the appearence of dev tool from chrome which i havent invited

. Short time later by opening Pingrow again Dev tool again and my Project was filled totally with Dynamic elements. No more work possibel.
First i thought i may be my computer. Now every thing is new and the same behaviour.
On my laptop everything is fine. Some clues?
Best regards

I don´t use Pinegrow every day. So i started to look in older Version.
I found out that the last usabel Version i can use is 5.972 in there are no mentioned problems.

Are you using any JavaScript from third-party sources? Any additional plugins with Pinegrow?

Hi Rob,
the only third-party programms i used are „Plugins for Pinegrow”, „UI.Kit for Pingrow” and Purify for Pingrow.

On my Laptop they are running well on the latest Version. On my Computer i had the Plugins removed and restarted but without sucess. Also deleting and new installation of the newest Version was without sucess. Only the older Version i mentioned brought a success.

Hi Gerd,
We recently had an issue where some on-page JavaScript for managing tags and cookies would inject some elements to the page causing the problem you describe. With regards to the DevTools - you are saying they open everytime you open Pinegrow? Even without any plugins and a fresh install? Or just when you open this particular project?
Thanks for the info and sorry for the problems,

Probably try unloading all the plugins to figure out if its a core pg issue or plugin-related one!

Hi Rob and Akayy,

after a complete deleting of Pinegrow and a new installation without any plugins this unfortunatly behavior is gone. It didn´t depend on a special project - ervery new website i started wasn´t usabel. At the moment i can´t check out which plugin it is. Will try later to find it out - for now i have to overcome the lost time.
Thanks aso far - sometime you have to learn it the hard way.


Hey @Gerd,
Glad it is working for now. Let us know if the problem comes back.