in pinegrow, we have already : Bootstrap-Blocks and Tailwind-Blocks.

but what do you think if we can have also [Pinegrow-Blocks].

I mean by [Pinegrow-Blocks], blocks than are made only with HTML/CSS (cssgrid, flexbox, …) and a little few Javascript if needed, [no frameworks, no libraries].

I know, to make blocks without a framework that support these blocks is not easy to do, but I think, with smart and talented people in pinegrow team, they can find a solution to do that.

exemple: a [Pinegrow-Blocks] Project will generate only (in production):

  • httml files.
  • one minified css file that contain only css rules needed.
    let’s call it for exemple (pinegrow-blocks-minifield.css)
  • one minifield javascript file that contain only js code needed, if needed.
    let’s call it for exemple (pinegrow-blocks-minifield.js)
  • one minified custom css file if needed.

in developement, this is not needed. for production we can have an export button to generate an optimised website like described above

this idea [Pinegrow-Blocks] can be a paid add-on like Tailwind-Blocks or free like

no matter what, paid add-on or not, Pinegrow + [Pinegrow-Blocks] = awesome tool in front-end developement

what do you think, pinegrow-team and pinegrow-users ?