Pinegrow opens to a black screen

Can anyone help, today I opened pinegrow but I just get a black window. I can resize it, if I click around it appears the text is there but everything is black.

I’m running the latest version of pinegrow on windows 10.

How do I reset it? I tried installing it again (without uninstalling first) but it is the same.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you,


I would first remove all traces of Pinegrow from your system - reinstall and take from there.

You could install virtual box on windows, download a free Linux operating system and install PInegrow within that environment - that’s a good way for window users to have a back-up version of the software.

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Thanks Jack. In the end I gave up trying to fix it and loaded Ubuntu (I already had it set up).

If it makes any difference I had updated virtual box last night, that’s the only thing that had changed since last using pg successfully.

Uninstalling completely and reinstalling pinegrow still gave me the same results. If I fix it or find out whats causing it Il reply again with the results.

Thank you,

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Turned out to be Duet Display. I forgot it had an update, it was only after that update that pinegrow had problems. Uninstalling it fixed the problem.

It also messed up the look of the duet display uninstaller. Weird.

Thanks again for your help Jack

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Jas next time blame windows and move to Linux full-time :stuck_out_tongue:
…Nice to hear you fixed your pinegrow problem - annoying when that happens.