Had to reset Pinegrow

Ok, been having trouble due to bugs.
Something seems to have gone wrong with my install since I had the invalid workspace error and have been unable to resolve it. Rolling back to a previous version didn’t help or may have made it worse, as - they DIDNT have multiple screen workspaces.

SO I had to do the Reset, as advised by Marf - but lost my list of worked on sites. meh.
Then Multi Monitor workspaces worked again! Score!

But then, issues with Bootstrap 4, not appearing to add resources to the project on save.
Unable to close project

I’m afraid it had to be totally reset -SO these are the files/directories which I have removed.

If there are others, let me know.

I’ve only ever had to do this twice. once after the CMS version trial when I couldn’t get it back to the full version again. -which I suppose is pretty good for running an app for a little over 4 years!


dont’t forget to trash the Pinegrow folder in User/Library/Application Support

@schpengle It looks like we lost you (for now), because of all the frustrations and irritations, which I can understand when you are constantly struggling trying to get things to work and trying to learn (new) stuff. That’s killing for joy and productivity! :frowning_face:
@Emmanuel @matjaz

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So that folder has gone now too.
Thanks for that advice on the Application Support folder…
I was suprised App cleaner didnt pick up on that, it is usually pretty good.

I zipped both Pinegrow and Pinegrow Web editor or whatever it was
as I noticed they had something about crashes in there, so backed them up first, just incase anyone wants them.

so… right… lets start all over again.

Maybe I made a wrong assumption!
I thought you removed every Pinegrow bit and was going to abandon it completly because you was fed up for the known reasons.

Don’t know if I was wrong or that you changed your mind.
Good to see that you are still onboard!

Now you have everything installed fresh, and maybe all the bright sunlight had a positive impact on you, you are good to go again. :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:

I hope you will have a less bumpy ride than before.
Good luck, have fun, be creative and hopefully manage to get some things done to be productive. Welcome back !!! :smiley:

I just went to find a different wall to bash my head against.

I did notice that the preview image of my project was entirely wrong when I updated. That freaked me out a bit so I opened it from Open Project instead and all seems to be okay.
Clearly I had no deadline, or things would just naturally have gone to hell automatically.