Pinegrow Tutorial question


I’m working my way through the Pinegrow tutorial for Wordpress themes

I came upon a snag in that the UI elements that they use in the video are not present in my copy of Pinegrow - see attached screenshot.

Can someone tell me where these come from/are loaded, specifically I need the Wordpress icon as that is what is selected in the video.

Thanks - Art


What is your Pinegrow version number?
Just in case, can you please try to reset your workspace to the Default (3 columns)?


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Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for posting. I’m running version 5.973 - PRO WordPress Personal. I did try setting the workspace to the Default (3 columns) but that didn’t change the UI at all on my end.

I’m going to bash at it a bit more and see if this is just a UI change since the tutorial video was shot. If I can’t figure it out then I’ll try putting in a ticket.