How to create a Wordpress Theme in Pinegrow - an Interactive guide

I created a free interactive guide on how to create a Wordpress Theme in Pinegrow. Idea is you follow along by clicking where prompted and do the same in Pinegrow. Just an alternative to videos and text for learning how to use Pinegrow. If don’t have the pro version of Pinegrow it should be a good example of how easy it actually is to create a Wordpress theme in Pinegrow also.

Its still very much a work in progress and will go into more detailed stuff if people find it useful, and will add videos to accompany the tutorials too, but for now it covers enough to create a Wordpress theme and I find this method of learning easy


Hey @benhanna When i clikc in “Click anywhere to interact with this prototype” nothing happens, is it anyway?

Hmmm anyone else having issues?

Thanks Ben, very good information and great job on the tutorials.

Have been wanting to dive deeper into WP theme creation and with latest Pinegrow release, looking like now is the time:)

Will need to look into this for you @kaleu if you have any chrome extensions like adblocker try disable it (there are no ads on the site anyway)

Using a third party to embed those on site so will need to ask them

Working for me using Chrome.

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@oleteacher Cool, good to hear, would be interested to hear if people find it useful, I will add to it and go more in depth if they do, if not then will just stick to videos

Hey @benhanna, okay, you’re right. It works on i.e and firefox, on chrome not yet. I do not use adblocker.

must be something in your chrome browser, maybe clear the cache

@benhanna I cleared the chrome cache, it still did not work, anyone else?
Well this is just a return report, I can use i.e or firefox.

Thanks @kaleu, I will let you know if I hear anything, wasn’t banking on users having issues as they are embedded from a third party software

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Working for me in Firefox. The only issues are that it that scrolling down the page is slower than usual and that sometimes the instruction blocks cover the content they are talking about. Pretty clever over all though.

This is low key awesome. What software did you use to create these tuts?

@texxsmith thanks for that…hmmm the instructons should be fixed and not cover where they talk about…I used marvelapp, usuallly used for prototyping designs etc

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Maybe they were just cover the part I wanted to see? I can’t remember . . .