Pinegrow uninstall/license


I will format my laptop and need to uninstall PInegrow. Is there any step I need to perform to de-activate the license before removing the application?


Not that I know of. I’ve always just re-installed it on a new machine, entered my license and good to go. It’s limited by license to only two machines on the same account, but that is more a “soft-limit” as it doesn’t keep track of your devices like Apple does, in which you need to de-activate devices.

But just to be 100% sure, it’s most likely that if the option is not in the settings of the application, to de-activate your license, then it doesn’t work that way. That’s because it’s not there… Just checks if your license is valid to use for that version…


You are right, there is no deactivate option, I will unistall it as any other program.
Thanks for your response.