Pinegrow WP Plugin new user questions

Some basic questions I couldn’t find in the forum. I successfully created a plugin with the Pinegrow WP Plugin that include a few custom blocks that query a custom post types with ACF fields. I would like to fully understand how it works and how I can improve the code.

  1. Is there a need or a way to choose a bootstrap version in the Pinegrow Projects area to match the version of what is used in a theme not created with the Pingrow App?

  2. What is the best way to load the bootstrap styles so the styles are applied in the Gutenberg editor?

  3. How can features like filters and “load more” options be added a custom post query? Are any snippets available for features like this?

  4. I see some styles in a custom block linked to a file in wp-content/themes/scss this folder does not exist. How are these styles working?

  5. Are there any problems with putting several blocks in one plugin so a plugin isn’t required for each block?