This discourages

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

I like Pinegrow. I’m newbie and I learning to use Pinegrow (again…). Pinegrow is in his version 6… And I find this in the documentation: “Pinegrow V2.xx is used in the following screenshots and videos. While the process is very similar with V2, V3 and V4, an updated version of this document presenting Pinegrow version 4 screenshots and videos will be released shortly.(no ETA)” (Features | Pinegrow Web Editor).

It’s not hopeful.


@Josan Of course we understand your frustration, Pinegrow’s functionality evolves, strengthens and improves every month with each update, but we are not lying when we say “similar process” for the same functionality, regardless of the version. While it’s true that we update documents on opinionated issues, it’s also true that, out of the thousands of possibilities offered in Pinegrow, we sometimes put aside certain documentation updates until a refresh is really needed or requested.

(Without listing dozens of documents …) do you have a particular topic/feature for which you would like clarification or for which you think the documentation really needs to be refreshed?

Thanks for your fast support.

I want to learn Wordpress with Pinegrow. I know there are some fairly recent videos on the subject (Converting an HTML theme to a WordPress theme. - YouTube)). But with my limited English it’s hard to follow, as reading is easier than hearing, so I love it when I see this in the Pinegrow documentation: “This tutorial is available in video and textual form. Watch the video, or continue reading. Of course, you can also do both!”. But I guess this is a lot of effort.

@Josan Ah, so it’s not about an old documentation which would not have been updated BUT about a documentation for which we made the choice of the video rather than of the writing (or ideally, of both as we sometimes do).
In short, a recent documentation exists, but it is not “accessible” to you.

Quick thinking here: Would translated subtitles work for you?

Note: Whatever the solution, I can’t guarantee that we will give you satisfaction as soon as possible but know that we are seriously considering it for our future productions.

What I meant is the first thing you understood: finding old documentation discourages me from continuing to use the documentation.

Machine translation sometimes produces meaningless results.

I know you can’t give me a specific solution for me.

There is a lot of information written in your WordPress documentation, but I am afraid it is not up to date.

I don’t want to bother you any more, thank you for your help.

@Josan So, I’m back to my initial question

I would like to find documentation on creating WordPress themes with the latest version of Pinegrow (mostly written).

@Josan - You are not alone, as MANY of us share your frustrations.

Unfortunately, the Pinegrow team has made it very clear that their videos and documentation are NOT a priority, and instead prefer to answer your questions one at a time as demonstrated in this thread. They have also stated that they have no intentions of updating their video series even for the next version (v7)! (NEW Complete Video Series for v6/7? 🤞🏼) So we are all stuck with their videos from over 4 years ago for at least the next two to three years. That is of course if we finally get lucky with version 8. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Making a great tool and not explaining its secrets and novelties… It’s weird.

I am learning by trial and error but it is slow and tedious. Existing documentation helps a lot but I am always wondering if there will be better ways to use the tool.

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I think PG team has been working hard on documentation. There are now a lot of updated video tutorials on practically any topic. Support is working great, at least for me. PG is a complex tool and as such it takes a lot of effort to master it.
Hey, you can also check Samuel Gregory YouTube channel @fakesamgregory. He’s got a series of videos on building sites with Pinegrow.


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Thanks for your support. I was already subscribed to your YouTube channel :wink:.