Pinekit separate scss please

@matjaz Hi,

Have just been looking at the new Pinekit (really awesome design!), but noticed that the Pinekit spits out pinekit.css that consist of the latest Bootstap css and the theme together.

Normally you would keep Bootstrap and the theme as separate scss files or did I missed something!?

Like the previous “blocks.css” for Bootstrap you could add it to a regular Bootstrap project by just adding the blocks.css to the project.

How do I separate the theme from the bootstrap.css? Or the other way around!


@AllMediaLab Design panel is building the CSS file directly from SCSS source that included Bootstrap SCSS and customizations.

What would be the benefit of separating this into plain bootstrap.css and pinekit.css?

@matjaz Hi,

To be able to use the blocks in a other normal Bootstrap project that is in my Codekit builder, by only adding the theme code. Now adding Bootstrap blocks to a Pinekit project works, but adding Pinekit blocks to a Bootstrap project not!

If a separate pine-theme.scss was added to merge with or add to the bootstrap.css (including the scss changes I made) the problem is solved. All my projects have bootstrap.css separate and the theme and all other changes are in separate scss files like it should.

I use Pinegrow as a HTML prototype app.


@matjaz Hello,

Could you please respond when you ask a question! I answered you but no reply in 13 day’s!

Besides my previous replies where are those files you talk about to find? Because I don’t see them.


@AllMediaLab the SCSS files are not exposed externally, at the moment, in order to keep customizing Pinekit simple. Will keep your request in mind and see if there is more demand for that.


The most obvious thing lead to a discussion while it is common practice to keep files such as a theme separated from Bootstrap and let SASS spit out Bootstrap (only what you need) merged with the theme and your personal SCSS settings no matter how much demand there is for this.

It’s the chicken egg problem. Or you deliver a logic now a days solution that attracts more Pinegrow users or you do it your way and only beginners will use it! And that is a shame for such a beautiful design!


Wow, stay calm. I agree, that it’s common practice to use a separate CSS file. But I agree matjaz that it’s easier for beginners to work with just one file. There are no duplicates in the code and the loading times should be a little bit better.

Maybe you could try a text comparison tool? You could delete all the parts that are identical in the Pinekit SCSS

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@Riccarcharias Hi,

I’m very calm!

My proposal also gives 1 file at the end so that’s no argument. Beginners will not even notice it! They only have to link to the theme.css with Bootstrap and custom.css included (1file).

If you find it normal to not respond to a reply for 14 day’s while @matjaz is the one asking a question to me OK I have a other idea about this!

No matter what my professional background is (I run a website company for more then 14 years with clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain) so maybe I know a little of now a day’s webdesign. It’s when talking to Pinegrow staff it feels like we are 10 years back in time! And the most logic things are subject for ridicule discussions.

Think they have different plans with the pine.kit that they like to commercialise in the future with sliders etc. etc. but as long as it is like this It’s unusable for me. I don’t make websites with Pinegrow and only use it for HTML Bootstrap prototyping and Interactions. But if the development of Interactions stays on the level is is now (ZERO!) I’m going to stop with all Pinegrow activity.