WordPress Theme and Gutenberg Edits

Hello All-

I designed a test website in Pine Grow. I am converting it over to a wordpress theme. I have a few questions I hope someone could help explain.
-I have ACF installed and activated. I followed the Block instructions but once I make the element a block it is removed as a part of the site content in the wordpress template. The block doesn’t appear in Gutenberg as a block. Any ideas?
-Is there any advantage of using ACF over WP Customizer fields?
-So I have the website completed in Pine Grow. I have a header main content and footer. I have main content as “site content”. I there a way to enable the client to add their own Gutenberg blocks to the page? I assume it could only be made to go on either the top or bottom of the site content with using “Post Content”.
My initial thought was to create the website in pine grow then convert it to a wordpress website and set all the containers, divs etc into blocks so the client can easier add, move, update as needed.

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Hi @ryanb,
Question 1)

I would have to see some code to answer. There are multiple steps to creating a block.

Question 2)

They really accomplish different things. Customizer is mostly about tweeking the design of items on the page while ACF is about adding content to the page.

Question 3)

This is a tough one. Basically, you are on the right track, but making block template pages is complicated. Here is a link to the codex: Templates | Block Editor Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources

This might work. I haven’t done enough with Gutenberg to really give a great opinion. Hopefully other users can comment. My thought is that you should try to do this on a small scale first to see if it works. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Blocks seems to work. I did the same steps on a clean wp install and its working. No clue.