Preview in Browser strange behaviour

I am having difficulty with preview in browser all of a sudden - this has worked faultlessly previously however now when I preview changes any CSS changes are not shown unless I save first - not supposed to be that way and has never been - any one have a clue as to what I have forgotten or a suggestion as to what has gone wrong - hae tried with older projects which worked previously but have the same issue there.

@Simmo I just tried it here and it won’t display any change in a browser unless I save it first. Are you sure it worked the way you’re saying it previously did? Maybe that was the strange behaviour and we’re experiencing is the normal behaviour. If I update any of the actual content and view it in the browser before saving it will display the content change but not the css change.

The preview in browser is the only part of Pinegrow that causes me problems, often when I preview in browser Pinegrow shutdowns! but it would act as @Simmo mentioned, you could preview the current Pinegrow view.

@Simmo maybe try downloading one of the older versions (you can run them side by side) or try preview in a different browser (just copy and paste the link into firefox)

@rob and @Jack_Clarity - I am sure it worked before (I could be wrong though as I am sometimes) but will run an older version later today to check - have also tried other browsers with same result

I just tested it using bootstrap blocks and also custom css. The preview in browser works without having to save first, so seeing as @rob is saying otherwise, PInegrow must have a personality!

Maybe you are right but I am sure it has worked previously without saving right back to my original version 1.24 and this has only begun in the last day or two - will do a system reboot etc and test an old version to see if I can see what gives

Hey @Simmo, no I’m saying it works (as you said it did before) I can make CSS changes and use the preview in browser, without having to save the page.

@Jack_Clarity and @Rob - I can get it to work on other projects now so it seems only specific to this current new project - have just begun this one so I will set up a fresh project and see what happens

@Simmo Let us know how you get on with this, I find it interesting that it worked/works for you and Jack but doesn’t for me and I don’t ever remember it behaving the way you’ve said. What browser are you previewing it in?

@Rob this is all part of our mind games lol

It is weird/interesting but I do the preview with Chrome browser.

@rob and @Jack_Clarity Browsers are not really relevant - the custom.css is not being read, however I use Safari, Chrome, Firefox and opera accross a good splattering of platforms - going away for a few days but will look into it in detail early next week and let you know what if anything changes - mind games? No - gremlins yes

Just seen this comment, so sounds like you’re close to finding out where these gremlins are :sunglasses:

@Jack_Clarity and @Rob - I thought I was getting close to but … it only works on old projects and not in any new one I start so I reinstalled 2.95 and 2.92 (picked at random) and same issue - old project ok new project not previewing correctly until you save - very strange.
I think I will drop support a line and get Emmanuel’s input

@Simmo here is proof you’re not going mad. I don’t need to press save before CSS changes are shown via preview in browser with a new project.

@Jack_Clarity thanks for that - strange - not that it matters too much but as Rob states I think if memory is correct that he has always had to save before seeing a change - will have to see what the guru has to say

Maybe its because I’m on LInux and everything runs as it should :smile:

Ha Ha - I love my Macs - all of them - except I hate Sierra

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Ok - strange thing - had to restart my mac and when I re opened the current project I am working on preview in browser function was working as normal - sounds like gremlins again