Problem searching our docs

Hi there, Not really a pinegrow Forum problem, but this might be the most relevant.

I’ve just nailed what one of the biggest problems I have with our docs is , in regards to searching and , well, finding anything.

Although the docs look super snazzy with nice collapsed Title themes, I can, find, very little.
if I search something, it shows me results sometimes! which is always nice, but then. I see nothing on the page it returns.

for instance

I am trying to get help with working on pseudo classes and :hover in PG 4.

so I enter that in our search box.
3rd result I see

"Styling with CSS

…pseudo selectors. The selector maker …"

I click it, it takes me to
Styling with CSS

I see a quick flash of an image, then… the page collapses to folded headings. I don’t see it.

CMD+F on the the page for pseudo
No results.

I now have to manually go through, clicking all the collapsible headings, until I find something relevant - but it may not be the only one ,but I dont know, as I cant see the content of the other section headings.
So i now have to keep scrolling down, to every other heading incase I am missing something.
it is the same like this for each search result page I click on.
so, even though we have plenty of good docs for this version, relevent docs are difficult to view and it takes a long time to find.

maybe have a collapse/expand all tab on the results, or, just have the whole page expanded!
with a HIGHLY VISIBLE expand/collapse all button. as, intuitively, I wouldnt be looking for/expecting this button so upon frist visits, I would be unaware of its functionality, wouldnt know about it, so would just be stumped at the search results.

or Just/also, return a link to the EXPANDED TITLE’s content.

personally, I find it difficult to find stuff with the collapsed tab style docs.

it looks GREAT! but, its a UI/UX thing.
looks lovely and compact and sectioned, the docs are there but, I cant get to them.
and If actually RTFM 'ing my way through the docs I STILL have to expand them all anyway, just to read.

So, maybe a collapse this section button would be good at the end of each expanded section too, for when you are just reading through a whole topic, ie CSS, then it would actually make sense, and you would be actually aware of jsut where you were with regards to your position in the collapsible docs list, as you could close one, and clean, heading list, you can see the one you have just visited and collapsed, and the next one :slight_smile:

there you go :slight_smile:

some happy anyway, user feedback

Some more totally useful Documtation feedback.
Honest :slight_smile:

I am still also using PG 2.951 sometimes, as well as 4.3
I didn’t have much of a chance with 3.x so most of my doc requirements are 2.x and 4.x (I also still have 1.27 installed :smiley: )

but, it seems like all the PG 2.x docs need rounding up and collecting into a V 2.x section.
then, topics could be searched by TOPIC - and it returns 3 versions 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
Or TOPIC and VERSION. yep, you guessed it, just the one you need- although the others could have good info.

or, again, you could just browse ALL the docs for the version you are on.
If, 2.x currently , this is pretty difficult.

as Everything with alleges to point to purely v2.x docs doesnt.

Im, lookign at doing something for woocommerce. and check out our forum.

I check out the 1st link to our relevent docs posted by @Jack
which is here

but… that gives me a 404 error and tells me
Maybe you are looking for our documentation about Pinegrow 2 and so, you should reach our Pinegrow 2 documentation site.

It supplies a link, but that is to

and these are the docs for the V3.x


but, if I edit the link, and enter this part of it in the search bar


just 2 results and…
2nd hit!
which takes me too


great! but, is this V2 or 3 docs? I now no longer know.
the forum gave me a link, which directed me to a 404, which suggested I seach v2.x docs, which directed me to v3.x docs, with no relevent link , so I botched a search query in there from the initial link and BINGO!
I have an exact match, but I dont know If it is for 2.x or 3.x and if it will work in my version.

and…if I put that same search query in our NEW docs

so, this
in this

I get 52 results. not including what I am looking for at all. -its not there. lost! those older docs are lost!

and if you enter woocommerce alone into our docs, you get absoloutley ZERO results.
(Boo! I know they are there.)

So, maybe our older Docs should be either

  1. intergrated in search results as older/different versions.
  2. STILL Listed on our docs page. -for older versions as there is still good info in there.
    By VERSION Numbers maybe?

Version 2.x and 3.x docs need to be curated together so that advantage could be taken of them and they could still be used, as there is a lot of good info there, as well as version dependent operations.

oh yes, and the same goes for all our brilliant Tutorial videos on YouTube.

the content is fine, just needs better organising so it can be found better.

and if you need someone to fill this position , I dont have a job :slight_smile:

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i just thought I should update this with the fact that I have spent the past week or so, going through our docs in the order they appear and … am enjoying! :slight_smile:

man! I made a load of mistakes. things have changed/updated a lot and I thought I knew how some stuff worked, but struggled with getting them to work as I expected/anticipated.

ummm, it turns out that in a lot of of those cases, I was, er, wrong. It may very well not have woked as I expected it too. but,

IF I actually read and DIGESTED the tutorials RTFM then
they work just fine!

:slight_smile: I just thougt I should update this as an antidote to my fairly consistant Docs whining!
:slight_smile:THANKS FOR THE DOCS< keep it up (now if only I could find things in the order I WANT)

great, Im enjoying. cheers .
revisiting a lot of our great vids too.