Problem updating Bootstrap 4 on Mac > SOLVED

On my Mac I’m not able to update Bootstrap 4 on Windows 10 no problem!?

Can you please contact the support at and please, send us your Bootstrap 4 project folder (the one with the HTML/CSS) and tell us exactly, step by step, what you are trying to achieve.

We will investigate the situation.

Hi Earnoud,

I found the problem it’s on both Widows and Mac. Only bootstrap.min.css is updated bootstrap.css stays on the old version. The bootstrap.js and bootstrap.min.js are OK. I think you can replicate this or do you still need the site?
Can’t see if the SCSS is properly updated, because it shows no version number.

Thanks for looking in to it!

Regards & Thanks,


The BS4 update is fine on our side and I have sent an answer to your support message.

Earnoud I’m sending you the website just now with We transfer I don’t use Dropbox.
In my last mail you find the download link. And in the mail from We transfer.

Thanks! David