Please keep Bootstrap up to date!

Hi Pinegrow dev,

Can you please update Bootstrap when there is a new update? Now we have to wait for month’s to see it appear in the app. when there is a huge update. Of course I know how to manually update!

Regards & Thanks,


Bootstrap 4.5.3 update was released on Oct 13 2020 and it will be added shortly in Pinegrow.
We may have postponed some of our plans; external elements may have disrupted our schedule. Whatever the reason, we are still hard at work, and we thank you for your patience.

Hi Emmanuel,

I have no doubt you are hard at work! My point is: do the Bootstrap or other framework updates apart from any other updates like a small patch/fix that lights up in a Bootstrap or other framework project that you can click on to update. For me (but I’m sure there are others) it’s essential to have the updates on time when they are released. It saves a lot of debugging time! :wink: