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Protoype of a site built with Pinegrow + Foundation + AnimatorPro


Just thought I’d add this here, it’s an early prototype for a site I did about a year and a half ago. Built using PG + Foundation + Animator Pro. Too late to be giving any feedback on the look of it or anything else as the site has been finished and released into the wild a long time ago :slight_smile:

Posting more to encourage others to try Foundation and see what you can create with it and maybe generate some discussions around using Foundation for projects. Some might remember it from a competition way back when the PG Slack team was in its early days (there were some interesting creations, @schpengle had a site that linked to all the entries).



Here you go, here is the competition web site! :smiley:
Its still up for historical reasons - PRIDE
Less than spectacular, but hey! it served its purpose and you can see what people were making back in the day

I however , cant currently view it as, I’m in the library and for some reason, they have blocked access to it!
Gah! Stazi!
SO, let me know if its still serving its purpose :slight_smile: