Purify Plugin for Pinegrow Updated

Hi All,
I’ve made updates to my Purify plugin for Pinegrow. It fixes some unexpected behavior with the newest Pinegrow version (>5.9.7). It also fixes a bug where the purified CSS wasn’t written out if there weren’t any additional options selected.

It is now slightly more aggressive. For example, in the past if there was a pseudo-class rule it wouldn’t delete it even if there was no base element. For example, .a-class-that-doesn't-exist{color: blue;}, .a-class-that-doesn't-exist:hover{color:green;} after purification would delete the first, but not the second. On large frameworks this can really add up. The new version should handle all pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements correctly. As always, double-check that no CSS rules were inadvertently deleted before using the purified CSS in a production environment.

I’ve also added support for TailwindsCSS IF you are loading it in as a stnd-alone file. Note by default Pinegrow brings the TailwindCSS in using a CDN link. The Purify plugin, of course, can’t work to minimize a CDN. You must bring the TailwindCSS.css file in manually.

I’ll be sending an update email out to all past purchasers soon.