Purify plugin for Pinegrow

I’ve just released a premium version of my Purge plugin for Pinegrow. The Purify plugin for Pinegrow has expanded file handling, including PHP and JavaScript files. In addition to eliminating unused CSS, it can also minify and autoprefix the end file. If you have media queries it can also sort and compact them to boot! Finally, there is a selection to allow the logging or green lighting removed rules - crucial for making sure that your production files look just like your development pages.


Hi Bob,
Was trying to purchase the plugin with my creditcard, but are forced to open a bank account at PayPal otherwise you can not pay!

Once the PayPal login screen I have the PayPal set-up to allow guest checkout with credit card. Once the PayPal login screen comes up, click the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button below the login. That should take you to a guest checkout. I will send you a DM in a second.

Hi Bob,

Finally purchased the plugin with my Paypal account, because the credit card part on your site doesn’t work.
Looking forward to use it soon.

Regards & Thanks,


Awesome job Rob! , had to buy this awesome plugin.

I think there is a bug when purifying the .css files.
Nothing happens when i click purify and no purify.css is created.
Also the instruction video resolution is way to low to be able to see anything the text looks Chinese due to the quality.

Hi @beatngu,
I’m happy to give you some help with the plugin if you give me some more info. Maybe we can address your problem over at my site, rather than on the forum. Send me an email at support@springhilldesign.net.

Hello, Rob, I was kind of looking for this.

Does this work with Pinegrow Wordpress Theme Builder?


Hi @sirojuntle

The plugin will take PHP, JS, or HTML as input to be scanned for comparison to your CSS. So, yup, it will work with the PG WordPress theme builder or any WordPress theme framework.


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