Purge.css update?

Did Bob or someone else ever update the purge.css v 3.1.0?

I don’t think I ever got back to this and I don’t remember what issues it was facing. I’m now pretty busy with writing tutorials at my new job. I haven’t looked at Pinegrow much lately trying to learn the new platform I’m on more deeply. No promises, but maybe this weekend I can take a look at it.


Whatever you can do, Bob. Still with Pinegrow?

No, I’m with ApostropheCMS now.


I checked it out. They made a good choice hiring you!

You never know, maybe in the future, this will be an opportunity for @RobM to code a plugin for Pinegrow to create templates for this CMS?
After all, everything is HTML and CSS on the web and that’s exactly what Pinegrow offers :slight_smile:

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Well - It uses Vue on the backend (hint, hint) and Nunjucks on the front-end (if you don’t use it headless or roll your own). Nunjucks seems very do-able as a plugin.