Question about Pinegrow Walkthrough – Video

I have just installed Pinegrow and I am taking the first steps by watching the tutorial “Pinegrow Walkthrough - Video”.
At timestamp 5:57 I try to add a navbar to my page. As explained in the video, I drag the navbar into the page structure (tree) with pressed mouse button to insert it under the body. This does not work.
When I click on the navbar the tip “Hold over text to insert into text” appears Video Walkthroug navbar mein Versuch . The video shows the following tip: “Hold CMD to target grid cells. Hold over text to insert into text. Type 1 - 9 to insert multiple copies.” I can’t insert the navabr under the body. What is wrong?

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that sounds weird… can you drag regular items like an H1 from the library of elements?

if it’s just bootstrap stuff their may be an issue with that library, you can try Components|Refresh loaded library…

or failing that, go to the tools icon on the library panel and deactivate bootstrap… the old try turning off and back on again trick :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick response.
I don’t know what happened, But today everything works. A miracle? Can you explain it?


it’s a sign…

you must buy it


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