Pinegrow 3 bootstrap navbar problem


When I add a bootstrap 3 navbar at the top of the page it is all good until I try to edit the links, the links layout then breaks as the software adds “p” tags in the links.

Instead of having:

Site name Link1 Dropdown menu 1

I get this


Site name Dropdown menu 1

Also, adding the navbar as “fixed” breaks the layout.

Same Problem with Buttons, if you only change the text in Buttons PG adds a p-tag.

I tried to build a site with Pinegrow 3 but struggle too much due to numerous bugs unfortunately. This app is not yet ready, it will need quite a bit of work to get it going.

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Hello @Bennyboy,

Can you please be more specific about:

  • Your computer resources (system, ram …)?
  • The version of Pinegrow (3.0, 3.01, 3.02)?
  • What you are trying to build?
  • What you call “numerous bugs”?

note: you can even record a short video with the issues so we can investigate.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The bug seems to be fixed, the problem no longer occurs…

Hello Earnoud,

I have 4 gigs of Ram and run Photoshop fine. Windows 10 64 bit on a Sony laptop SVE1513B1EW

The version of Pinegrow is 3.03(tested it again today).

Please see the below video, I added a bootstrap navbar, then tried to rename the clikable buttons, as you can see on the first button, a jump happens because p tags are added automatically inside the link, then on the dropdown link, all the letters are squashed vertically instead of making the link longer horizontally.

Each time I will find a bug I will post it here and using a video like this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that the bug still happens in the latest version .03