Reference books?

I am new to Pinegrow and responsive website design. Years ago I had help creating a website using Microsoft Expression Web have been using it ever since. I need to update my website and since my new laptop doesn’t play nice with Expression Web that became more of a priority.
I find it hard to jump back and forth between tutorials on-line and don’t learn well watching videos. I found a template I like based on Foundation5 and have been working with it. I would feel better if I had a good reference book to help me learn more. Any suggestions? For now I have been printing out tutorials and documentation to refer back to.
Thank you.

Hi @Vila,
Are you looking for references about Foundation, web design in general, or Pinegrow?

All three would be nice. But mainly I am finding unfamiliar elements In the Library panel that I would like to understand. I’m starting to grasp the 12 columns behind it all and need to learn more about responsive web design. A Pinegrow manual would be nice, but it’s becoming familiar and I’m learning what it does as I experiment. I am printing the tutorials I find useful and will want to refer to again.
Some books are better than others and would like opinions on which books people find the most useful.

Some Books can be viewed here

It,s still a great place to look up the sort of topics you THINK you want to know about.
…its also good to just get a feel for the content to a topic,

However… all is not lost as they STILL have a FREE Book download section.

Some, linking directly to the Authors own sites, or Github repositories, ie,
if you want to go old school with your games.

and other sections still have Preview Chapters -which seem to point to Amazon etc for you to have a look, sometimes you find the topic you are after in the preview -handy if your printing out,
Like this one, which you cant download,
…it does however, give a link to all the SOURCE CODE to the book.

so you could bend your head around that too… without the book.

And where you DO find free book downloads on there , they redirect to dbBooks, which is a site that collects open source, creative commons, non commercial and all sorts of other sharing license works, that you CAN download for free, legally.

And, as *db Books site states,

Can I download books for free?

You can download and read ebooks online on for free - without registration.

Where get books? collect books from open source resources - from publishers websites or owners blogs. Also authors add ebooks to

Are books copyrighted?

All books on are licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA) or a GNU free documentation license (GNU FDL). These licenses allows you to share, copy, distribute and transmit the books.

Which is mission statement? team are sure that books and education must be open, public and free.

I still have some questions.

You can contact us by email or sending a message via the feedback form.

And here’s the licensing links

Creative Commons licensing

and with regards the source code etc.

Check it out.
But, dont do what I did, just downloaded a pile of books, on the topics I thought I’d need to know
Then Never actually study them properly, and kind of hope Id absorb through osmosis or such madness… and achieve/create little.


Thanks! umm… this is my usual style too and one I am trying to avoid this time.

I’m reading reviews, but more people will leave a bad review than a good one, so it’s hard to tell if a book is really worth purchasing.

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Yes, don’t worry (well yes, actually, worry, if you want to get something actually done :smiley: )Your not alone.
Although I’m not terribly productive company…

Still… Here I am… also trying …again… lets see how it goes this time.

…and if you stuck, book wise, er, let me know.

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For Foundation and Pinegrow I’m afraid you are limited to online resources. I admit to learn primarily by reading - don’t really like videos (which is ironic because I do a lot of the video tutorials for Pinegrow). However, I’ve never really purchased a book on web design. I’ve looked at everything online. Hopefully others on the forum can help!

Here is of one the great Javascript books…apparently…erm…I …er haven’t actually read it all cough

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Sorry to have opened a rabbit hole for you tonight, or not… :slight_smile:
I found a few books to download to get me started. Thank you for the links!

super… I dragged myself away and mopped the bathroom floor and a tiny bit of kitchen.
RIGHT…now… PG and CSS GRID tutorial and pretend im a proper web dev guy for a while…
…all be it a permanant beginner.

oh yeah, and welcome aboard @Vila :slight_smile:

more books

Another…It seems relevant at the moment.