Beginner’s Help Please

Hello! I am a Freeway Pro refugee and I am trying to figure out the future of my web building as I am severely dyslexic and I have a very tough time with any coding. I want to start with a blank page and build up from there as visually as possible.

How do I do this with PG? It seems that maybe Sparkle is more in line to my immediate needs, but it certainly is not as powerful as PG can be and it looks as if PG is more in tune to grwoing with the future of web building.

Using one of the frameworks either bootstrap or foundation you can visually place components that do whatever you would like. There are several examples of how to do that in the forum if you search for keyword Bootstrap you will find several threads that go into explicit detail on creating visually with Pinegrow.

[quote="Rgator, post:1, topic:540"] It seems that Pinegrow is the tool to use for building websites into the future, but how do I get started?

The videos available for Pinegrow really do not seem to have anything to help those that are completely new to Pinegrow and have no coding experience.

Pinegrow is a web design tool that allows you to bring “the code” to the fore front of your work flow and by so doing teach you how to properly create websites without the limitations you have experiences in other programs.

As an SEO expert you will appreciate the flexibility and power Pinegrow gives you to be able to create websites that will be future proof by using the leading technologies the internet is being developed and expanded with. You are not limited by the tool as so many other programs do, instead it opens up possibilities for you that can’t be done with the programs you have used or are looking to use.

There is a vast knowledge base out there on HTML5, CSS3 and what the tags mean and do.

Give you interactive tutorials to see for yourself how things work and what you can and can’t do with tags then inside Pinegrow it takes that same ability to show you live the changes you made and the results directly in the program. Or if you choose to output to a web browser from within the program.

You are going to be working hand in hand with code and visually which makes it far more easier to learn than other programs that hide what it does in the background. Pinegrow instead opens it up and allows you to see how the code creates the page you visually see and helps you learn by watching the changes visually both on the page and in code so you get the feel for what is happening.

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It certainly looks both promising and challenging! I have a big project that I have to get done soon and I am about ready to just build it in Freeway for now just to get something started and move from there. At least I part “port” the original website over to PG and I will all the files that it does not import.

@Rgator I’d suggest using the open URL in Pinegrow to see how a page from a site you’ve worked on before looks like in Pinegrow. Because you will be familiar with the web page it might make it easier to see how Pinegrow works both visually and with code. This could be a good introduction to the power and possibilities of Pinegrow.

Or start with a single page just to help with getting to know Pinegrow. Create a new Bootstrap page and then try and recreate one of the pages from the website a website you have created before. Drag Bootstrap elements from the LIB and place them on the page (using your SEO knowledge to structure the content appropriately). Then you can add styles to the page using the CSS tab. Either option would probably help you out and perhaps speed up you’re learning as it can be intimidating starting out in any program.