'Register new menu location' Crashes Wordpress

Whenever I ‘Register new menu location’ in Pinegrow it crashes Wordpress.

The workaround is to jump into functions.php and remove the generated menu and move it into the register_nav_menu array.

PS, aware the names are the same in the example. It doesn’t matter. Call it what you want.

Hey, @fakesamgregory! I just tested it in both the WP Plugin and Pinegrow desktop and can’t reproduce the crash.

Menu smart action

Generated code in functions.php

Menu screen in WordPress 6.1.1

Unstyled menu added to the theme

Thanks. First thing I see is that your functions.php is different from mine. So that’s the issue. You can see mine read.


What happens if you manually change functions.php to


@fakesamgregory I’m sure it wouldn’t work since it doesn’t have all the arguments.

For giggles, I double checked another project using Pinegrow Desktop and the function also writes correctly

What version of Pinegrow are you using? I’ve never seen this issue, and I almost always register menus using the builder.

I’m using 7.2. Weird because the website says we’re only on 7.05. I’m on M1 Mac BTW.

I downloaded 7.05 and got the same issue.

That’s so weird! I also use 7.2 on both M1 macOS and Windows and have never had this issue. Maybe Matjaz or @Emmanuel has some idea why your function is getting written that way?

@fakesamgregory how about if you set the Description field? Looks like it is required. I’ll add validation.


This works! Needs to be required.


This will be the case soon.